Professional management of your pay-per-click advertising accounts & campaigns.

Professional PPC Ad Management.

We press PPC ad platforms and their nuances for every advantage.
Auspire pay-per-click account managers are experts with these systems.

Iterative Campaign Improvement

We constantly adapt our PPC campaign management strategy for maximum efficiency within your budget.

Advanced Targeting

Every available method will be applied for targeting your ads to the people most likely to convert into a customer.

Leverage Audiences

We’ll augment your PPC campaigns further by using Google Analytics audiences for optimal targeting and bidding.

Managed by Humans.

When we manage your pay-per-click marketing, an actual human oversees your campaigns daily. We don’t leave AI and ‘automatically applied optimisation’ to run amok with your accounts.

We have seen first-hand how poorly aligned the PPC platform’s suggestions are with client goals. These platforms often place themselves first and seek only to increase your ad spend, regardless of how effective it is for your business.

When an Auspire PPC specialist creates and manages your pay-per-click campaigns, you can be sure we will place your interests front and centre.

All Big PPC Platforms Covered.

We manage PPC accounts across the biggest players in the industry.
Google Ads (inc. YouTube), Microsoft Ads & Social Media Advertising.

Google Ads specialists.

We spend more time managing Google Ads accounts per month than on any other service. Most of these clients have been with us for many years.

Microsoft Ads (Bing).

While not (currently) as big as Google, Microsoft Ads can be well worth integrating into your PPC advertising strategy. Our ad managers are well experienced with this platform.

Social Media Marketing.

Social media services like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Etc., offer paid advertising products. So we’ve got these covered too.

Google ad revenue exceeded $59 billion (USD) in 2022.

Alphabet Inc. (Google's parent company) - 2023

Get PPC Experts On Your Side.

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at work on your PPC campaigns? Get in touch with us.