Crypto & Web3

About our presence in the Web3 and crypto world and our official crypto domains.

Official Auspire Crypto Domains

These are the only Auspire brand crypto domain names that we own.



This is currently our primary crypto payment & Web3 domain name. We have set up a holding page for this extension. (learn how to see Web3)
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This domain is redirecting to our primary crypto domain auspire.crypto Web3 website, but we bought this extension for future use.
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This domain is also redirecting to our primary crypto domain. We bought this extension for future NFT projects and ownership verification.
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Find us on crypto marketplaces

Auspire has profiles on both Rarible and OpenSea. While our crypto domains are listed on these marketplaces, they are not for sale.

We are not currently creating, buying or selling NFTs. This is a rapidly evolving space and we intend to be active once the related technologies are familiar to more people. The learning curve can be steep.

Got questions?

If you have questions about our crypto or Web3 activity,
please contact us for more information.