A Hard Reset, A Fresh Start

16 December 2022
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16 December 2022 Auspire

If you look at the date that this post was published, it would be fair to assume that we just got started. Well, not quite.

Auspire was registered as an Australian company in 2003. But recently we decided to start fresh, wiping out all previous content from our blog and social media accounts, and building a brand-new website. This website!

This might seem extreme. Did we have something to hide? Legal strife? Internal decent? Financial trouble or a PR disaster perhaps? No, nothing like that. It was just time.

Was this a good idea?

We’ve never relied on marketing to find customers, ironically, since word of mouth has always powered our client acquisition. We’ve been very lucky that way. This put us in the fortunate position of being able to perform a hard reset without worrying about removing old content.

Removing search engine indexed content typically isn’t a good idea for businesses concerned with their SEO performance. That said, here we are, about to welcome 2023 with our new website uploaded and ready to start posting to our newly reset social media accounts.

When you’ve been around for a while you find that many of your old posts link to content or third parties that no longer exists. We didn’t see much point in keeping now irrelevant posts active.

Engage with us on our posts

We aren’t ‘over sharers’, so we won’t be bombarding our followers with excessive updates. We are more likely to post occasional thoughts and musings regarding the digital marketing industry as opposed to swathes of SEO centric or clickbait type updates.

Going forward, blog posts such as this one will have comments turned off. There are page speed benefits in doing this, besides, most blog comments are spammy in nature and people today are happy to comment on social media posts instead. We will always share our blog posts on our Auspire Facebook and Auspire Twitter accounts for just that purpose.

If you would like to give feedback or add to a conversation we’ve started, we invite you to do so on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our Twitter account is likely to be the most active in terms of the number of posts we make.